Pretoria Boys High School has always played a crucial role in producing leaders and our alumni includes prominent figures in the business world, medicine, law, the military, education, sport and the arts.

Perhaps at no other time in the history of South Africa has there been a more urgent need for citizens who are products of good schools.

For this reason, an investment in Boys High, is an investment in South Africa.

To serve our core function optimally, we will need to upgrade our facilities. The building of a new school hall, a library and music centre and an indoor sports facility were identified as the three key projects to be undertaken.

After completion of the new school hall in July 2015, it was decided to immediately begin construction of the Library and Music Centre. This decision was taken in order to minimise the disruption to the school, even though the funds for the project had not yet been collected. After securing a loan for R 18 million, we are hoping to raise R 4 million through this Fundraising Campaign, with the balance of R 14 million to be raised through the Pretorian Trust over the next five years.